Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The next event for the Stop the Franchise will be a public meeting in Huntingdon.

The campaign is to organise a "Question Time" type meeting where members of the Public, all NHS users, can come and ask questions to the assembled panel of where they and their Party/Organisation stand on the Franchise/Privatisation issue.

Watch this space for a date and the panel members, we are hoping to have members from all of the political parties, local politicians, NHS staff, Union leaders and one special speaker for the night.
UP FOR GRABS..............

its published, the report that TELLS IT AS IT IS.............................

This detailed report tells you the ludicrous idea the Government & SHA have
to Franchise out Hinchingbrooke and why this is wrong and unworkable.

READ IT AND ASK YOUR MP where he stands on this issue................

Maybe next time you get the chance to vote you will choose differently?

Click on the link in the side bar for UP FOR GRABS..........

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Countdown

October 4th is almost with us and this is the start of the main campaign


The body Keep Our NHS Public has been working for sometime on this issue and the
mainstays of the local group are Unison branches along with other Trades Council members.

The main focus is to let the public know and to understand what this "Franchise" will mean for them and for their NHS.

It recently came to light that our Strategic Health Authority in their wisdom decided to follow a Department Of Health led initiative and suggest that due to the financial position of Hinchingbrooke Hospital it would be a candidate for the Government's ill conceived "Franchise" system
This would mean that Hinchingbrooke Hospital could be managed and run by a local Foundation trust or a Private company.
Now many of us have reservations about Private involvement in health care whether you are political or not and our Hospital was in threat of closure in 2006, until that is the local people signed petitions and walked the streets.

The latest idea as I have said is to look at the franchise system, however what they not said is that when they happen to decide to go to a Consultation there will be ONLY one choice, what they are saying is that they will choose who will run Hinchingbrooke and you have to agree with as there is no other option, not only that they have already said that the "preferred" bidder for this franchise will get MORE ACTIVITY AND A LARGER TARIFF, that means in the last 2 years they have taken work and money from Hinchingbrooke they are going to give the
people who they give the franchise to MORE WORK AND MORE MONEY than
Hinchingbrooke get................

AND PAY THEM THE CORRECT TARIFF..............................


Dont forget to join the March on the 4th October 2008 and please sign our Petition
we need your names as we are going to submit this to the SHA and copy it to the
Department Of Health and take it to N0 10 Downing Street...........