Monday, October 05, 2009

3 Years On

It is 3 years tomorrow when we all marched to Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital and I fear
that we will be doing the same again.
This time it will be to stop the Franchise and ultimately Privatisation of
Hinchingbrooke Hospital..........
Our local MP is for the Franchise although he claims that the process should be carried
through, however that is a sit on the fence approach, rather than a this is where I stand
His party has pledged to offer "free" social care if you pay one of their pals in city, £8000 "up
front guv" so you can have heathcare in your old age..... WHAT..... that is akin to NHS Cambs
Option 2........ you can have care........perhaps, possibly, maybe or then as Option 2 maybe NOT....

The main issue with the 2 old firm parties is that they love to collect statistics (this was started by
the Thatcher government and carried on since by Blair and Brown) as a means to "bash" the other
party with figures, now the Lib Dems want to stop this pathetic data collection scenario and
with the £50m per year saving invest in Healthcare..... which would you choose?.......

Lets fight to keep Hinchingbrooke in the Public Sector and not allow it to be sucked into
the Private sector by stealth........