Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr Lansley and the £21,000 donation

Save Hinchingbrooke Campaign heard of this yesterday and read the article in the Daily Mail

Needless to say, we are very concerned by this news.........and it needs to be put into context.....

The latest plan from the SHA is as you all try and get another party, either an NHS Trust
or more preferable to the SHA a PRIVATE HEALTHCARE COMPANY with links to the USA or
Canada, to manage the hospital. There have been some issues and it has been decided that the Staff,
Buildings and capital will remain in the NHS, only the management will change, however there are still
issues with this as any new management could still outsource departments to one of their other
companies under a Retainment Of Employment model.
Now Mr Lansley is a member of the Stakeholder Panel along with 39 others, we were not invited to
be members, I wonder why?.
The Stakeholder Panel began their work last October 2009 and the usual introductions and aims were
shared. Now Mr Lansley accepted a £21,000 donation in November 2009, this was from Care UK.
The Stakeholder group have let the Expressions of Interest advertisement be placed and expressions have
now been tabled by 6 organisations, one NHS Trust and 5 Private health companies all mainly based in
the USA and Canada (surprise surprise). One of these was.....Care UK.......
With Care UK making a donation to a member of the Stakeholder panel, we at Save Hinchingbrooke are now calling for the Chair and the SHA to STOP THE PROCESS NOW.....
If the SHA is determined to press on with the process then we suggest that Mr Lansley resigns from the panel forthwith and Care UK withdraw their expression of interest. There should also be a full review of how the stakeholder panel was made up and any expressions of interests fully declared.

This does prove, before any general election has taken place that the Conservative party are going to
press ahead and break up the NHS for their friends and business..........
Just like they did for finance/buses/rail etc in the 80's/90's ...
look what happened to those industries.....we are suffering today....service is worse and pockets are lined

Leave the NHS alone.........KEEP IT PUBLIC
Its been a while.........

Since I have posted and that is because not much has occurred at Hinchingbrooke Hospital,
other than the re opening of the wards to the rear of the hospital.
Yes these are the wards that were threatened under the PCT's great Option 2.....where
care was going to be provided in the we said
hence why there is a need to provide facilities for the elderly in hospitals or locally
funded public care homes.
The Stakeholder panel have met and expressions of interest in taking on the management of the
hospital and as you all know, Save Hinchingbrooke Campaign, oppose this stupid format.
This is only a means for the East Of England Strategic Health Authority to see if the private
sector is a means to assist the NHS and to give Dr Dunn's position sone credibility in the mean time
The end game, should another management team be chosen, will be that they will make money and
the historic debt will never be paid off.......AND the SHA will then write off the debt, claiming that
they have tried to but matters have not worked out as planned.......and ruin the Hospital as a consequence

The PCT have exhumed their Option 2 ideas again, suggesting that Care In The Community is the way forward
Dr Cox was used as the "face of NHS Cambridgeshire" in December suggesting that it is a radical plan that will
assist NHS Cambridgeshire to reduce it's historic debt and also added that to many of us were still using
hospitals..........Well Dr Cox and NHS Cambridgeshire....savings are closer to home....
NHS Cambridgeshire should centralise their Administration base in Huntingdon rather than having sseveral
local offices with duplicated staff. Localised community services could be run out of GP surgeries among other
things Option 2 doesn't and will never work in the format that was proposed in 2006 and again in 2009