Thursday, August 30, 2012

6 months on

Well it seems that all the warnings I gave are coming to fruition We find that after 6 months..... Circle ..... Sacking 56 Hinchingbrooke staff Sacking 40 Hinchingbrooke Nurses Have a worsening debt record than Hinchingbrooke EVER had Need a £46 million injection next year to stay in business Patients COMPLAINTS are up All this information is in the public domain and still McPhearson & Dunn think it's a good "deal" It seems to me the "deal" was done as a mere experiment due to short-sighted cheap deals done when the hospital moved from Brampton road. The Department of Health cant sell Hinchingbrooke as they do not own the land.... and it was never sold to them it like the Woodlands centre was provided by donations. What makes me cross is the Hospital...OUR hospital is being rundown by fly by night start up company run by Del Boys.... Circle Hinchingbrooke Ltd is an easily disposed of asset by Circle Holdings Ltd We will be on the streets again and I hear that Huntingdon Trades Council are ramping up the Circle Out campaign again