Friday, February 02, 2007


Well the PCT consultation document is almost here, well the DRAFT is , 
the final is out on the 19th February, however.
It seems as if the PCT want to put the draft out, see what the reaction is and
 modify the document and release it as a "Final"

There have been reports in one of the local weekly newspapers that the Hospital is saved etc.
That is not yet the case, it is an piece of irresonsible reporting and lulls the public into a false state 
by giving them a view that everything is okay, when in reality it isn't

We were going to March on the 17th February 07 and we knew that the DRAFT was out on the 7th February 07 and would be able to still march with the subject & focus on what was contained
in the DRAFT, but now the FINAL is out on the 19th February 07, I feel we ought to wait until
we see the final document  before Marching again.

Keep looking here for more as it happens...................