Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well at last!!

The East of England Strategic Health Authority agree with us...........................

on 12th May 2008 they claimed...........that.....

Ensure all 17 Acute Trusts will keep an obstetric unit, with a co-located midwife-led unit
Guarantee one-to-one midwifery care in established labour by recruiting at least 160 more

Maximise care for ill babies by increasing level 3 intensive care cots, increasing
the number of level 1 special care units and reducing the number of level 2 high
dependency units

Ensure all 17 Acute Trusts will continue to have an A&E department

Make access easier by creating a new memorable telephone number for urgent care and
ensuring consistent triage across all services

Create a series of Urgent Care Centres

Work towards providing 24/7 access to a fuller range of key acute services

There is too much unfairness in health -

There is a region wide life expectancy difference of 10 years across the region, looked after
children tend to have very poor health compared to the rest of us and there are other sections
of our society that are marginalised.

We are not meeting the expectations of those we serve - Many people across the
east of England have some dissatisfaction with NHS services.

They want more attention on basic services and standards, easier access to services, less
waiting and to be treated as an individual with respect.

and it also says and confirms what we have said since 2003 onwards..........
people want routine services closer to home rather than in major acute hospitals