Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thanks to the Hinchingbrooke Staff & the Other NHS staff

I just want to add a personal note here, something I do not normally do.

My father underwent a Heart Valve operation at Papworth Hospital on the 3rd July 2008, he was
sent home on the 8th July 2008..........yes 5 days later.........

On the 12th July 2008 he suffered a Stroke, I happened to be with him when this happened and
thanks to the Switchboard and the Ambulance crew he was admitted quickly into the care of the staff at Hinchingbrooke.
Subsequently he ended up on MAU under Mr Borland's care and was diagnosed as having a stroke, he is now recovering on the Magnolia Ward and is doing quite well.

Can I just express my thanks to all that have dealt with my father over the past few days and thank goodness that we saved Hinchingbrooke  from closure