Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Did the Stakeholder Panel Members Know?.....

The question of the day is Did The Hinchingbrooke Stakeholder Panel Members Know? about the real impact and contents of the Circle franchise deal .

We NOW know that there are 320 jobs to be culled at Hinchingbrooke, with 247 still to be axed.

There was a Bailout clause in the Contract

Addenbrookes were "scared off" of making a deal

The Peterborough City Hospital/Serco deal was better for the Taxpayer

So did the invited stakeholder know this or was it all kept from them.....or were they sworn to silence?

The Stakeholder Panel was made up mainly of MP's and local politicians and a few Union reps....there really was NO ONE who was the voice of the people on the panel and now we know why....

My Message to ANY member of the Hinchingbrooke Franchise Stakeholder Panel....... Come Clean,Own up to what you actually knew...... and if you knew of what I revealed..... Why did you keep Quiet?