Monday, April 23, 2007

Community Rally 28th April 2007

Well it will soon be here, we are basing the rally/March around giving the information to the
public as to the proposals laid out in the PCT/Hinchingbrooke Consultation Document.

As the Local PCT meeting have been poorly attended and the fact that, out of 70,000 homes &
businesses in the affected Huntingdonshire catchment area, only 14,000 document have been
delivered we have decided to give the people access to the document and what it means to them
and their future Health care.

Many things have been said at many meetings over the last 6 months or so but there is  an
issue with how the people are seeing the situation.
Most locally, due to certain press reporting, think that everything is "business as usual" at
the Hospital when clearly this is not the case, there are sweeping changes afoot and  that
is not a political statement, just fact.............
So our aim at the weekend is to raise awareness of the Consultation and what it means..........

So come along and meet the people who know and the people who care..............