Monday, April 16, 2007

NHS 'will not be free in future'
The NHS is unlikely to be free at the point of use within 10 years, say doctors.

A British Medical Association poll of 964 young GPs and hospital doctors found 61% thought patients would have to pay for some treatment by 2017.

Nearly half of all young doctors also expect to leave the NHS within 10 years, according to the survey.

All three main political parties have ruled out bringing in a form of charging in the short-term.

The doctors questioned were members of the BMA's Junior Members Forum, which effectively represents the top doctors of the future as it includes those who have graduated within the last 12 years and students.

The poll also revealed 94% thought the role of the private sector would continue to grow

what a sad day when we have to pay and pay again
this is what happens when fat salary accountants
get involved in YOUR health care.........cant find
a dentist..........think 10 years ahead............
cant find an NHS doctor or Hospital........