Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brian Smith - R.I.P

Who passed away 11 April 2008

When I first met Brian it seemed very odd, you see he stood out from the
other members of the congregation at that particular Church service as
a “scruffy individual”. I don't mean that it a discriminative way but it was
so obvious like a sheepdog in a field of sheep.

I could always approach Brian as we were always on a similar
wavelength and although we pushed and fought for many different
campaigns there were many in which we fought for or joined in with.

Brian supported me with my Save Hinchingbrooke Campaign
and likewise I did with his Save the Library one, however with
Christian Aid and the annual water campaigns we had the same ideals.

Brian was a tireless campaigner for many issues, Global as well as local
ones and had a passion for each and everyone of them, to the point when
he cared more for others through his campaigning than his own health,
I know how having a passion for a campaign subject takes you over.

Brian will be sadly missed by me and I am sure by many others too,
it is a pity that he never got recognised by one of the higher authorities
in the UK for his charity work and campaigns, although I am sure that
his work is being recognised now by the lord.