Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Patients "more ill"

We also said this would be the scenario when the consultation was being banded about as the next best thing.
We said at that time, on good authority - From a Ward Sister - that Patients were at that time being kept out in the Community by G.P's on the orders of the PCT to save money, and therefore when the finally were admitted to Hinchingbrooke their condition would be worse so they were more ill than they needed to be.
This was borne out in the "Black" alert figures for ALL of the local NHS trusts, not just Hinchingbrooke.
With these crackpot ideas then other parts of the service do indeed suffer, there needs to be better policies for the transfer of a patient from Primary Care to Secondary Care than the "leave them in Primary Care until they are on their death bed........then pass them on to Secondary Care (Hospital) and let them take the blame for the deaths............Shame on you PCT, Shame on you Alan Johnson, Shame on you Gordon Brown.

Maybe when thee Targets and Advice was sent from the Politicians and DOH  they did not expect the scally wags to interpret the policies in this way..............

But Nu Labour.............They Have and they are then Blameless...........