Thursday, September 03, 2009

NHS workforce cuts plan rejected

On the news today NHS workforce reductions have been rejected following a report
by yet another firm of Management Consultants at high cost to the Taxpayer.
McKinsey and Company tell how 37,000 clinical and admin posts can help the
NHS to save £20Bn
Not being one not to have an opinion on this, I have to add that CUTS are
not an option, with the population getting even more elderly and with older
people being accepted for Transplant donors, we need to keep spending
on staff and patients.
One means of saving is to streamline some services to G.P's but that would need
more funding in that area to release Secondary Care providers (hospitals) to
be more efficient.
This is what Option 2 for Hinchingbrooke was suppose to go somewhere to achieve
BUT it was never funded properly and was probably as poor funded as the Care
in The Community for the elderly too, that was given £2.2m token to provide a
service, needless to say, The Campaign said that £22m would be needed to achieve
that plan and we were right, Care in The Community is on it's knees and joint budgets
with the County Council are the order of the day, that together gives the Commissioners,
NHS Cambridgeshire, to fragment the service they provide to the Private sector.

The best way to save NHS resources is to cut the Target culture, reduce the need for
many of the Targets, which have been with us since the Thatcher era as a means for
each Political party to score points against each other, this must stop NOW.
With Targets going then admin and managerial jobs will go, but with some Foundation
Trusts looking to go to 7 day working then those staff could "shift" across to another Trust.
Private Contactor's are not the way forward, recently Sunlight, the Laundry provider for
some local Trusts have been cutting back on the collection of dirty laundry and in one
case bags containing soiled laundry were left on the ground and not in cages, awaiting the hot sunshine which weakens the plastic bags leaving them vulnerable
to be investigated by rodents and other vermin. Again Profit before Patients
and providinga service, this is why Private Companies should be OUT of the NHS.

Privatisation has not worked with the Railways, it is a shambles and recently National Express
decided to pull out of their contact as they couldn't make enough money from the East Coast Main line........

Will Private companies jump ship from the NHS?.... of course they will
The aim of Save Hinchingbrooke Campaign in conjunction with Keep Our NHS Public and
the Hinchingbrooke Staff Unions, is to

Keep Hinchingbrooke in Public Hands, run by
Local People For Local People...........