Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stakeholder Meeting 1

Campaign members will be at today's show meeting to launch the "Franchise" of Hinchingbrooke

Needless to say it will be a P.R exercise at this first meeting,
we will be presenting our Anti Franchise
petition ,which was signed by the people of Huntingdon and surrounding area,
at a later meeting

With the Franchise mechanism meaning that this will be a Transparent and Scrutinised
process then it will be doomed to fail and a waste of taxpayers money and NHS resources...
...a bit like PCTOption 2 for Hinchingbrooke that was put in place in 2007..........
will the instigators please stand up....

All in all the Franchise exercise is a slap in the face and betrayal of the
Hinchingbrooke staff and the Huntingdonshire people....Again........
This is nothing but a political pawn so the Tory's show that they support Private
Healthcare, I am not a supporter of the Tories nor the Labour party nor indeed of
any of the Political parties.
Care UK and the Private Healthcare bodies have already rejected the idea of
the Franchise as the scheme is not flexible enough for them OR in Private Health
Care speak, they wont make enough money.
The Hinchingbrooke deal will mean that the Assets and Staff will remain in the
NHS so that means Private companies Can't cut the staff salaries nor sub contract
parts of the hospital for Private use.......

We wait and see the process begin........and during this time we will have a
General Election.....But which of the parties will be brave enough to stop the process
and who will be brave enough to attend a Save Hinchingbrooke Campaign Public Meeting this space for dates/times