Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Political Debate

There is to be a Political debate in Huntingdon during the General Election Campaign, yet only 3 of the candidates have been invited, not a democracy then?

The shameful thing is, that when the organiser was challenged by one of the other uninvited candidates, he was told in no uncertain terms that it was "a private event" although it is ticket only and the telephone was slammed down on him....

It seems to confirm that the publication that is "organising" this charade is being run so it indicates that they are indeed supporting or even maybe bank rolling the sitting M.P.
In the last few years we have heard very little from the said M.P but of course he will come out of the woodwork now it is time to get re elected.

With having a local publication inviting the M.P to a debate that clearly will be weighted in the M.P's favour and only having Lib Dem and Labour candidates to debate with, clearly it is nothing more than a rallying call to the party faithful and nothing more.
It is a shameful attempt to prevent other candidates in being recognised by the electorate and in all honesty, being that one issue to be debated is the Hospital, None of the 3 candidates are supporting our campaign.
I find it also a damning indictment that this debate subjects are just the subjects that the Independent Candidate is campaigning on. They must be concerned that the Independent Candidate will take votes away

Shameful and outrageous actions and there must be some very scared people out there if they cannot campaign cleanly so the voters can make an informed choice, not a co erced choice