Tuesday, March 09, 2010


This company is in the running as possible Franchisee to run Hinchingbrooke
This company have run Yarlswood Detention Centre since 2007, they cannot run that properly so what mess would they make of Hinchingbrooke

In April 2009, the Children's Commissioner for England published a report which stated that children held in the detention centre are denied urgent medical treatment, handled violently and left at risk of serious harm. The report details how children are transported in caged vans and watched by opposite sex staff as they dress.

A demonstration organised by Detainee Solidarity London Network was held on 12th February 2010 outside the Serco office in Holborn, London where a number of supporters and activists gathered to protest against the detention of women at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.
The peaceful demonstration was staged in response to the treatment of women in detention at Yarl’s Wood who began a hunger strike on 5th February in protest against their prolonged detention.

The Testimony Project was represented at the protest, joining individual protestors and other organisations showing solidarity with Yarl’s Wood’s women. Among the organisations represented were No Borders London, SOAS and King’s College Detainee Support Groups, Feminist Fightback and Worker’s Liberty.

An activist from No Borders London commented on how important it is for detainees resisting on the inside to know that people are resisting in solidarity with them on the outside.

According to Feminist Fightback and the Campaign against Immigration Control, the hunger strike was called off on Tuesday, 9th February in the afternoon when officers broke up the strike and arrested four women who were the supposed leaders of the movement. These women have not yet been returned to Yarl’s Wood.

Outside the offices of Serco, the private company that manages Yarl’s Wood on behalf of the UKBA, supporters spoke of the conditions that the women on strike had been subject to. Some were trapped in a corridor for long hours without amenities whilst others were trapped outside in the snow. Women also say they were verbally and physically assaulted, racially abused and denied medical assistance.

Is this what we want for our Family members and fellow citizens......?

No if course we don't- Yet the Serco managers have allowed this to happen

If we don't oppose this proposal then we could have this at Hinchingbrooke

Stop the Privatisation of Hinchingbrooke and the NHS.......