Thursday, March 01, 2012

Debt and more debt... Blame it on PFI

I get very cross when Peterborough City Hospital's CEO bleats about their £46m of debt.
Putting this into perspective of course, this was accrued over an 18 month period, unlike Hinchingbrooke's which was accrued over 15 YEARS

Stewart Jackson the MP for Peterborough blames PFI for the City Hospital Debt, however this PFI deal was signed when the PFI shortcomings were already on the table and exposed for all to see. The blame surely lies with the City Hospital Board and the PFI contract managers.

In my view, the City hospital should suffer the same indignity as Hinchingbrooke and be put out to tender to see if another NHS or a company like Circle would propose to manage the trust...... Oh No .... La La Lansley gives them a Bail Out, £8M more than the Hinchingbrooke Debt too....

The biggest issue for Peterborough City is the parasitic contractor Serco, who are their partners and PFI Facilities managers.
Serco were "lined" up alongside Circle to manage Hinchingbrooke and I bet they are circling to take over the Hospital.

Circle also have some issues coming up soon,with the Special Care Baby Unit and the Childrens Unit. The issue is..... they are used and run by the soon to be defunct Primary Care Trust and NOBODY yet has announced what is to happen to these units. I see an Acer Ward coming up, with out of Touch local councillors, satisfying their own needs and conning voters for the May elections, getting caught with their trousers down yet again
You see there are NO councillors who are really Health Service Aware.....
The other issues are the Transforming Pathology where the East of England SHA or rather it is now merged and called NHS MidlandsEast.... privatisation of blood services.
The Pathology Labs are seen as a prime candidate to be run by a single Trust and a centralised service. This idea is fine on a purchasing type of scenario to purchase consumables and Lab supplies..... BUT not for management.
This Centralisation is merely to process "cold" lab bloods from GP's and it was proposed in 2007.
However....the 2007 proposal was by the biggest predator in the East of England....Addenbrookes....who had done a deal with HFL labs, the Racehorse Lab to take on their allocated staff at this new unit but it was exposed and it was withdrawn at the time.
It has reared it's ugly head again of course as the great predator is pushing to be the Central Lab...and with that will go the HFL deal ,,,but it will only get in place AFTER the SHA is defunct....dodgy deal done dirt cheap....
The last issue is MHRA....they inspected Hinchingbrooke late last year and the Labs were told they needed more staff to be operating at a safe level, however the "old" management didn't commit to new staff due to the imminent Circle rip off deal. Circle now are saying NO to more staff.....BUT MHRA are coming back next will Circle get their arses bet they will