Monday, April 12, 2010

Guided Busway

The Truth behind the bus way and what a waste of Tax payers money it is......

And it still Isn't running yet

They were obviously hoping that it would be there or almost there before the local and General Elections - for whatever reason, other than incompetence the Tory Councilors must be disappointed that their work on the doorstep is going to be very difficult this time.

I have delivered leaflets for the Lib Dems and I am also working with the Independent candidate at the General Election as Save Hinchingbrooke is A-Political and not affiliated to any party.
I was with Mr Salt, Independent on Saturday and he was in Huntingdon town centre.
In the main he got a good reception but there were many people who were NOT going to VOTE..... the main reason..... The Expenses and no Trust in the Tories locally and to top that the old "Tories always get in here" argument. Needless to say I always urge people to vote..... the ONLY wasted vote is one that is not cast.

Guided Bus Article

Report To County Council

make your own minds up whether the Council are incompetent and should, now £40m in the red because of the guided bus.....should ,like Hinchingbrooke, be put out for Franchise.....?