Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We all have our opinions and we will all have the chance to use that opinion to vote in the upcoming election.
Now before you vote consider what candidates say......

Mr Salt is campaigning against the Privatisation of Hinchngbrooke end of, clear and concise, yet Mr Djanogly, the sitting MP, is saying that he “simply did not buy” the union view that this would lead to the privatisation of the hospital.
Now we all know from debates in the house that Mr Djanogly was confronted by a member claiming that "The hon. Gentleman clearly has a jaundiced view of trade unions."
This probably is why Mr Djanogly is playing down the issue of Privatisation, lets face it the staff at Hinchingbrooke might be NHS staff under the Privatisation plans yet they WILL be working for the PRIVATE sector.

SO what part of this process is not PRIVATISATION?..... none of it
And with Conservative Health Policy gunning to Privatise the NHS as a whole the election is about your health care.... Free or do you want a service that is destroyed for profit, like the Gas/Electric/Trains/Buses/Cleaning in Hospitals.....