Monday, April 12, 2010

Why is the Hospital not mentioned?

I note from the former M.P, now Conservative Party Candidate for Huntingdonshire his website....he asks

As you go to the polling booth on 6th May, I ask that you consider the last 13 years and ask yourself the following questions:

* Are my family’s savings, pensions and jobs more secure?
* Are we as internationally respected and do we support our armed forces?
* Have our civil liberties improved?
* Am I less likely to be the victim of violent crime?
* Have we got a good deal in Europe, signing up to Lisbon with no referendum?
* Are our borders more secure and immigration controlled?
* Is our economy stronger and more competitive?

If you believe, as I do, the answer to these questions is no – there is only one political party that can reverse our nation’s slide towards failure, the Conservative Party.

So where in the above 7 questions does it refer to Hinchingbrooke Hospital or the NHS...It doesn't
One of the questions should be "Do You Want Hinchingbrooke Privatised?" ...but that is not there.... I wonder Why.... probably because Privatising the NHS is Tory Health Policy...

Vote Wisely......