Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conflict Of Interests

It now is shown clearly that "Dr" Lansley has a conflict of Interest, he and his Tory government have recieved "donations" from Care UK and as if by magic.....Care UK "win" an NHS contract for the Prison service in the North West. Even though the NHS was the best Value and Clinical, the "responsible" adjudicators for the tendering process awarded the work to Care UK. So it was on Price alone.....?.... YES... Cheaper bid...the result will be ....Profits before Prisoners....Who cares they are only prisoners you say.....but those prisoners will soon be NHS patients....if this sham of a white paper is implemented.
Locally, we have suffered the indignity of have 50% less capitation budget and as such our health care is compromised and many services are simply, either not there or only just provided. Local G.P's and hospitals just manage to cope with this shameful level of funding they recieve and everything is cut to the bone and offices run very lean.
The same applies to Local Councils too with their grant.....shamefully and not surprisingly the Coucillors and Health Chiefs have done nothing about these funding issues and been good little tories and got on with it. My reasons for the last comment is due to the fact that the Tories introduced the 2 tier funding in the 80's which is often called the "Post Code Lottery", when in fact it's full funding or half funding.
Our Local Tory MP does not give a hoot for his constituents as he lives in London all the time apart from odd days when he stays at his country investment up here, so no good writing to him as he will sit on the fence and tow the party line and support "Dr" Lansleys Evil English Experiment.

My main issue with Lansley's plans are that the inequalities of the captitation figures and the PCT debts need to be in balance, we need FULL funding and then the PCT's leave the GP consortia with an in balance account.....while we are at it, Mr Lansley.....Make sure the NHS has the extra 14% payment for services like the sweetner that the Private sector enjoy.....lets have the level playing field and not one based on "You drop me some cash and I will see you alright" deals
Circle Health will be managing Hinchingbrooke Hospital from June, so in effect will be "safer" from much of this meddling, they will be 14% better off before they even do any work, the staff will be NHS as will the buildings....for now...
I read that Circle are applying to be listed on the stock market as they have now had some £120m of investment from Hedge funds and venture capitalists, you don't invest like that unless your expecting to get a return....a huge one...Parasites

A little bird also tells me that Circle have declared that they will be running the Hinchingbrooke Treament Centre 24/7 and running the Theatres tight too....maximising slots....Hinchingbrooke have been denied this level of activity, and when challenged the PCT/SHA claimed that "if a preferred bidder managed Hinchingbrooke, they would not be treated more favorably".....indeed they will be....as to achieve this "Factory" healthcare, you will need a) to be guaranteed the work and b) be able to cherry pick the proceedures to suit your business model....
It is a shame that the Current Excellent Hinchingbrooke management were not afforded the same status and access to this activity.
It is also a pity to see that the No 1 Maternity unit in East Anglia (achieved by NHS management and staff with low capitation funding)is to be handed over to the private sector to manage, I watch with interest.

This is outrageous for all Patients and tax payers and the level playing field will not be there........it will be okay to a degree for NHS staff members as they will have a continuous cycle of work and the support services like Sterile services and Pathology will be running at full capacity...

If Mr Lansley wants his Great experiment to work properly with no bias and no conflicts of interest, then Mr Lansley needs to fund all areas equally, clear any PCT debts, and have equal funding for NHS/Private treatment....and then we will see which is the winner.....and it won't be the Private Sector.....