Thursday, January 20, 2011


NHS “reform” or rather back door privatisation is being proposed by the government, and we all know that Hinchingbrooke hospital is to be run by a private company from June this year for a set number of years. Many of us know this is a privatisation and will be proved correct as time goes on unless it fails miserably
The government are new expecting our own G.P's to run the NHS from local level and include in that the commissioning of service, or buy treatment for you and me. Up to now this has been done by PCT's but they will cease by 2013 and many of them will leave huge debts like NHS Cambridgeshire. Needless to say this debt will be passed onto the G.P consortium’s who will have to operate with the debt, which will obviously mean that they are behind before they start, rather that starting with a fresh start and balanced accounts.

The government also will keep the unfair price per head of capita, which was meddled with by Lady Blatch & Mrs Thatcher and reduced Huntingdonshire,Cambridgeshire and a few other unfortunate areas to a shocking £1000 per person, yet leaving other parts of the UK at £2000 per person for their health care.
This needs to be equalised to remove health inequalities and give our local G.P's a fair chance along with any PCT's debt also to be absorbed and written off too, to make the NHS reforms work fairly for all.
Mr Cameron says we are all in it together, well lets see shall we and please contact your MP or local councillor and candidates to make sure this is fair. I know the local MP will tow the party line and sit on the fence but you can all write to him or do something to save your healthcare locally and stop it's erosion any further. We are a poor relation as it is, same applies to local councils too, please don't sit on your bottoms and let them get away with it, do something. There will be some local meetings and other activities to save the NHS run by ordinary people and open to all. If you have visited a doctor,dentist or optician in the last 60 years then you need to be involved, maybe it should be the NHS society, please join in before your saddled with a huge Healthcare Insurance policy or no healthcare.