Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's now Wednesday 11th October '06, there has been much
 said about Saturday's March  many folk who didn't come
 on the march due to other commitments 
or who sat back to see if it would work,
 have said "when's the next one?"

Well if I have some help ,quite soon but the Weather could be against us
The "Hands around" idea could work well and be achieved quickly but
there are meetings to attend and also there is the NHS lobby of Parliament on
the 1st November 2006 
I do feel that we have made ourselves noticed and raised the plight of
Hinchingbrooke to the forefront in the mind of the Community.

I personally would like the outcome of the SHA review to be realistic and
supported by the Local Community, so that Patient Choice and
Local Hospital services be provided in a cost effective and efficient way but
without bureaucracy getting in the way
just plain and simple service provision without league tables and the like
but with a responsible and accountable management  team in place.