Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bosses warned over road crashes
More than one in four of road deaths in Britain last year involved an at-work driver, official figures show.

Department for Transport data issued by road safety charity Brake indicate 850 people died and 6,012 were seriously injured as a result of the crashes.

The statistics are being made available for the first time following changes in the way police record accidents.

Brake, which has produced a free DVD for company drivers, is urging firms to improve risk management practices.

Busy Enough to Kill?, which is part-funded by the DfT, includes interviews with families bereaved by road crashes involving at-work drivers

The PCT,SHA & Government need to heed this report before forcing NHS workers and Patients to accept community visits, another risk factor to be considered along with environmental, traffic and staff safety issues as well as the increased costs involved.