Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heart tsar's case for NHS change

Professor Boyle said services were out-dated

Professor Roger Boyle, the national director for coronary heart disease, is in favour of a radical restructuring of NHS services.

He would like to see specialised services centralised in regional centres of excellence, alongside a range of tailored services to offer patients where possible care at home.

"I think the local hospitals are quite safe, and the range of services they
provide is also quite safe.

"It is just that there will be streaming of patients of particularly high risk diagnosis to
other strategies. Heart attack and stroke happen to be two of the main ones that fall into that strategy.

Radical reform

"These changes can be quite radical once the whole system is in place.

"For example, it is a disgrace if an older person is admitted to hospital merely because she
can't get to the toilet in the middle of the night. That is what happens with patients who are vulnerable.

"We need ways of supporting people in their own homes, and providing what the public wants, which is care at home.

The public I speak to don't want care at home as it does not exist and we should not confuse care at home with TREATMENT at home which is the arrogant approach being sought by Cambridgshire PCT, blood on their hands....................................Send your litigation claims to them at Fulbourn and oh the Interin Chief Executive is washing his hands of us all after causing trouble he walks away at  the end of December to leave the mess to another unfortunate individual to sort out.................Short sighted, misguided and misleading...................