Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Selection of comments regarding Hospital closures/services from the BBC website

I have been a staunch supporter of Tony Blair on almost every subject since 1997, however in this case he has at best got it wrong.
Many people will no doubt accuse the government of cost cutting and I'm afraid that is exactly how I see it.
In my region, Ayrshire and Arran the Health Board had a flawed "public consultation". People are going to die because of these decisions and I'm glad that my conscious is clear, decisions should be taken on issues other than costs. (geography/transport etc)

john h, ayr

The Health Service is a wonderful thing, but many of the recent NHS reforms have cost a lot of money and the benefits don't seem to have materialised for patients. Too much emphasis is made about change but doctors, nurses and the general public seem happy to keep the smaller units so why alter what works. Please listen to what local communities say.

Mrs Garner, South Cave

All the goverment is intersted in is cutting costs. Pure and simple
Another part of Tonys legacy.

Richard barton, London

if regional centres are so good put them in place first. then try to close local a/e centres. this could be done by useing the extra money we are paying. rather than for computers and managers, that do not perform.

bryan rogers, chertsey

If the NHS was up to scratch then Tony Blair would have been treated for his arrogance.

They don't treat this in private care.

The Handy Tool, Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom

I fell off my bike a few weeks ago. I went to my GP surgery and was told in no uncertain terms that they were 'not a walk-in clinic'; I was taken to Royal Berks A&E where I was seen quite quickly. I am very grateful for A&E.

Can we be assured that somebody is looking at the 'big picture' & that we are going to aim towards a proper functioning health service.

Colin Barbasiewicz, Wokingham, United Kingdom

I am a Practice Nurse,working in a local GP surgery & our nearest A&E is 22 miles away, now, via country roads.The Air Ambulance is constantly being used,so what will happen to patients if the A&E is even further away? There is certainly a case here for a local hospital where the majority of casualties can be dealt with but plans for a local hospital have been shelved & it does not seem to be a reality in the near future

Sue, Essex

They do not say how many lives will be lost because these specialist centres are further away than many A&E departments. Every second counts and with road congestion as it is many will die taking the longer journey. Unless Blair is providing a few thousand helicoptors to replace ambulances.

[Emulated], Bournemouth, United Kingdom

So this government clogs up the roads, then recommends travelling 100 miles to the nearest A&E?

What surprises me most it that my fellow citizens have yet to rise in revolution against this clearly insane administration.

Tax us to death - we do nothing.
Deny us a parliament - nothing.
Control our movements - nothing.
Curtail our freedoms - nothing.
Teach 2nd rate stuff at state schools - nothing
Take away our hospitals - we do nothing.