Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mother leads NHS campaign group

Vanessa Carey said her life was saved at the George Eliot Hospital

A NHS campaigner has called on local groups across the country to join in a co-ordinated protest about reforms.

Vanessa Carey set up People United Saving Hospitals (PUSH) because of plans to downgrade services at her local hospital in Warwickshire.

Now 100 local NHS campaign groups are planning a series of marches across England to demonstrate against cuts and increased private money in the NHS.

The first of the co-ordinated marches is planned for 15 December.

Ms Carey, from Nuneaton, said: "Myself and my daughter, who is 15, we wouldn't be
alive if it wasn't for the George Eliot Hospital.

"They are planning to take away the exact services that we used - ie maternity
and paediatrics."

Groups from around the country plan to join PUSH to try to protest at a local and
national level.

"We believe that we do need to continue having local demonstrations and local groups
but now we also feel the time is here for people to come together," said Ms Carey.

The marches follow numerous local protests across England and Wales against changes to hospital services.

We will be joing this group for a national march and protest - watch this space

People Power does work - let's all continue to pull together to save our hospital services!