Friday, November 10, 2006

David Cameron

David Cameron , The Leader of the Conservatives came to Huntingdon yesterday, 9th November and I was there along with the media and some Hinchingbrooke staff members
Mr Cameron listened to the Staff members concerns and indicated his areas of concern too.
However even though he said the right things and what everyone wants to hear, one wonders if there is any substance there at all.
I am independent of any politics and would like to think some of Mr Cameron's ideas could be implemented and to bring pressure to bear on the present government to change it's funding system for the NHS and to give patients a real choice, not an enforced choice because that service is no longer avaliable at their LOCAL hospital.
Patricia Hewitt said that there should be patient choice and local hospitals, well all I can say to her is we are the Patients who have the Choice and Have a Local Hospital which we want properly funded and a full range of services and with its great geographical position in the centre of the county, to be Upgraded to save patients very long and tedious, pollution making trips to large uncaring institutions which are located on the edges of Cambridgeshire