Sunday, November 12, 2006

Treatment Centre

Well, I have done some digging and I have found the company behind the Treatment centre, they are called Health Care Projects Ltd and here is their website -

These are the people behind the PFI project, that through one reason or another has become the biggest factor behind the financial mess Hinchingbrooke finds itself in.
One the website you will find much interesting information about this company and it's partners, it also uses the name Prospect Healthcare.
So take a look at the company that has your local hospital completly stiched up in a contract that it really has no hope of getting out of without the devine intervension of the Government.
This intervension has really no hope in materialising unless it will be for the benefit of the Department of Health big wigs.
Obviously the Commissioners are just as guilty here for the financial woes of Hinchingbrooke but it goes without saying if they had not given the project it's full backing and the indiction that it would be provided with sufficent throughput of work, then I am sure this Treatment Centre would never have been built.