Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Patient Engagement Event 4

Well this was the last planned event, however I am led to believe that there
 maybe another or more, watch this space
But the overview is

There were many same faces again, it seems that many folks find the 7-9pm timing too restrictive or Emmerdale is more fun, but then they will moan when the Hospital services for East Anglia are in Norwich or Birmingham and the like.
The 40% activity figures were again disputed but a perspective was introduced by a surgeon, who suggested that the activity rates could be artificially high as the majority of these non elective cases are conditions requiring surgery after referral, so therefore the figures could be skewed upwards on that basis, so that a day case becomes another elective case so duplicate recording of activity.

The Consultant presented the Cancer model currently in place but refused ,and she publicly announced this, that she was asked to present a couple of future options for the cancer unit, she indicated that there was NO room for any change as it was running above targets and providing the best care for the local people.
Dr Brendan Boyle, backed up this case model and also indicated to the audience that almost daily, Addenbrookes and Peterborough hospital were e-mailing G.P's with their alert status's. It is now in place that Addenbrookes have a Black alert for critical times and this means that patients are queued up in corridors etc.. waiting for treatment, this is now common practice. It was admitted that both Addenbrookes and Peterborough Cancer units were at full capacity and this is like most of the other service areas the PCT wish to cut from Hinchingbrooke, both hospitals cannot cope with the work from Hinchingbrooke.

The ONLY answer is to keep Hinchingbrooke open, Fully funded, proper workloads and upgraded.

The carbon bills and transport issues were highlighted and recognised, at last, as being a major factor to keep services at Hinchingbrooke.
I asked the question regarding community & G.P work, it was for an opinion on G.P's pay under their new contracts, it was reported yesterday that G.P average pay was £106,000 and their salary had taken a 30% plus rise in the last year, it appears that G.P's have paid themselves more rather than spending this extra money on their practice services, Mr Town of the PCT thought is was good that G.P's were being paid for what they do, but agreed the G.P's should do more and provide more. He also said that the PCT has the headache of funding G.P's

The ultimate word is CHOICE, everyone has one including G.P's as most of those choose to operate as they have for years and _not_ provide minor procedures in their surgeries the PCT want them to do, the public have a Choice to CHOOSE HINCHINGBROOKE as their hospital for their treatment and the PCT has the Choice to take services from hospitals and try to place them in the community.

However, this is a no win situation for the PCT and they need to be persuaded that their vision will not work in Cambridgeshire as we are too rural and most people are very reluctant to trust the PCT