Sunday, November 19, 2006

No 10

On Monday 20th November, I am meeting with the 2 local M.P's and we are going to 10
Downing Street to present the Petitions, The conservatives had their own and I felt that the
ones I did should be attache to theirs to add more weight to the campaign.

I have been asked what my opinion is of the Jane Herbert revelations that were in the
Cambridge Evening News, well I have no strict view other than, if it was true that the Chair & others who appointed her were unaware of the Waiting lists issue then perhaps the she should consider her position at Hinchingbrooke on the basis that, if someone with a record of allowing false adjustments for waiting lists etc. should be working in a Hospital with a recently hiddden set of accounts, I would hope past discrepancies would not interfere with the job in hand.

I was alerted that Mrs Herbert does not work for the NHS but is a Consultant, this
does beg the question of course of "How much is this costing Hinchingbrooke?"
I hope it's money well spent.

I am going to attend the public meetings so that I can be more in touch with the process
currently taking place, there is much resentment from Staff members as the Communications
"within the walls" from the managment to staff is poor to non existant.
I have been asked as to how I get my information, well I won't give names as to who
contact me but I will say it doesn't come from the Unions ( my wife is Branch secretary of
one of those) as I know things before they do and in some cases days ahead.
Some information I get seems like ugly rumours, but after checking all that I publish and pass on is 100% correct, this week there was an issue with Larch Ward and I knew ahead of the Staff and the Unions
A cleverly scripted Press Release was issued to suggest that the ward closure was for operational purposes and the re-engineering of patient pathways will be cited as the main reason, make of that what you will, but it was a knee jerk reaction to the fact that he Larch ward issue got to the media, however with a proper Communications Officer at the Hospital with a transparent outlook with full inclusion is needed to qwell the fears of the public, this would be beneficial and that the changes needed at the hospital would be of a lesser impact and cause much less grief for the hospital management.
In the press release it claims that patients are being moved closer to the Treatment Centre as
it is under used rather than saying the G.P referrals to Hinchingbrooke have deminished through new referral patterns from G.P's.
I have been told that the workload at Addenbrookes has gone up significantly in the last few of weeks.