Thursday, November 02, 2006

NHS Together
I was invited to join the NHS staff on the 1st November in their Lobby of
It was sheduled to be a steady assembly to enter Parliament at certein times and in an
orderly fashion, however plans changed and a March took place too.
The march was a surprise to most people but it went off in an orderly fashion and
arrived at around Prime ministers question time, hence why the lobby took
place on a Wednesday as most M.P's would be in the "house".
I went with 3 members of hospital staff 2 from Hinchingbrooke and 1 from
Papworth Hospital.
I have lobbied our M.P already and he supports our cause and has raised an
EDM in support of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, the hospital members were not
sucessfull on the day to lobby face to face but managed to lobby by the
telephone, all in all a sucessfull day for all and it shows not just the strength of
feeling of the Public but also the NHS staff.

If only the powers that be could see the damage caused to the NHS by spending
huge amounts of money to the NHS for that cash not to be spent on clinical staff,
new facilities and treatment for patients but to pay for pen pushers to sit and
obtain statistics for unesessary league tables, can't they see that action speaks
louder than words?

Thought of the day..................
Hinchingbrooke has a Treatment Centre, the work for this was promised but that
work has never materialised, so consider this, how about using this super facility
to provide a specialised service that is required in the East of England, perhaps a unit
for Cardiac use in conjunction with Papworth or maybe another specialism
that needs premises but can't afford to build it , that could then reduce the burden
of the centre from the finances of Hinchingbrooke.
Surely this is better than for a Trust with a need for a well equiped building having
to put up with Portacabins to be able to provide a service for their patients