Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hospital Cut backs

There has been news the last couple of days regarding Hospital cuts.
There were ward closures and job cuts from Kettering General and
Job cuts at Peterborough District Hospitals.
Kettering is applying to be a foundation trust, you know the leaking bucket type
of institution that always gets topped up with cash and Peterborough is already
a Foundation trust.
Now with one trying to be a Foundation and one already a Foundation Trust, the
questions must be asked.........

Why isn't Addenbrookes in Financial trouble?

Why have they no job losses?

Are they paying their NHS dues to other hospitals locally?

Why are they having Hinchingbrooke taking on their Maternity work for
the new town of Cambourne, when that is in their catchment area?

Will they pay Hinchingbrooke for that work so that the Maternity department
will be able to be more financially sound?

I don't suppose for one minute the answers will be forthcoming but for now
I wonder why Addenbrookes is so well protected?