Friday, November 24, 2006

Public Engagement Event - Obstetrics

I went to the meeting and we were treated to the same patter from the PCT , but 2 things were raised and it appears there are some issues with the figures quoted. At last nights meeting it was shown on a slide that the total budget for the PCT is £602m, however a member of the audience raised the issue that the figure previously quoted by Chris Town ( Interim Chief Executive) was £48m more and how can we lose this amount in 2 days?
Also raised was the quoted 40% extra activity rates for Hinchingbrooke, again quoted by Chris Town on Tuesday, and the document suggesting this over activity was only just avaliable on the internet a couple of hours before the meeting, even though Mr Town claimed this document would be avaliable on Wednesday.
The document contains a few tables with various figures but also claims "There is a number of
caveats around the data (and therefore the analysis) and the data should be sense checked locally as an urgent next step", Does this mean that the accuracy of some of the figures quoted are not as accurate as implied?
It appears that some issues as to how the HES data has been collected and a suggestion that Hinchingbrooke has been unfairly measured in this instance.

We await accurate figures from the PCT and ones that can be fully trusted and adhered to as part of this process

The documents from last night have been collated by me and are avaliable at the following address -

I did ask as part of the process to the evening 2 questions in respect of the Options for the Maternity side, 4 were indicated as possible outcomes.
I asked if any of the 4 Options announced had yet been costed and also asked if the costing for the Ambulance transport had been costed so that option could be considered/eliminated.

The answer was it is currently being worked on..................................

Not impressed, it appears that these current meetings are wasting the publics time as there are no accurate financial figures that can be relied upon for our minds to consider the best options that can be recommended for the decision makers to consider