Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Patient Engagement Event - General Surgery  

I went to this meeting and the above title is  how it's known, a little unfortunate to use geek speak when addressing the public and that was just the title.
It was a "different" kind of meeting and only 18 members of the public attended with a similar number of NHS staff of one kind or another,
The main focus of the meeting was the PCT budget and then onto changes or other possible changes in connection with General Surgery.
The meeting is recorded so that quesion asked can be answered, even after the meeting.
The main concerns of the meeting, posed in questions at the end were, the 40% figure that was quoted by Chris Town of the PCT, in respect of the referrals to Hinchingbrooke,2, the figures quoted and  the future projections for the Population in the area, 3, the Road links to other hospitals, 4, Provision in the community for some minor proceedures ( There is currently little provision for this nationally as well as locally & some G.P's have reluctance to adopt this policy and some have not the expertise either) - this is a snapshot of the questions but it seemed to be a general theme.

One item that was highlighted was that if there is no General Surgery then there is no A&E..........

Can I urge you all to come along so that all points of view can be heard and be part of this process, if you dont have your say then you cannot have any issues with the outcome of the review if it is  unfavourable.
If you absolutly cannot attend any of these events, please please go to the following webpage and have your say, if you have no Computer or Internet access then use your library to register your say - the web address is - -

The Agenda and paper copies of the Powerpoint slides from the first meeting are avaliable in Acrobat format from the following web address -----