Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Moving on

Things are moving on with the "Hands around Hinchingbrooke"event More will be announced later this week but I have had an e-mail sent to me and this is the body text of the e-mail, it is genuine and comes from a member of staff who will remain anonymous

It seems a patient ( a friend of a member of staff )
in the fenland needed an operation and her GP said instead
of coming here which is nearer she would have to go to Stamford
hosp because if she came here he wouldn't be paid .Not sure what
is going on but everyone is saying that the hospital is really
quiet when normally it is much busier am I paranoid or is there
a hidden agenda here

Make of it what you will but can't say I am  not surprised after 
the Overview & Scrutiny meeting and the views of the SHA and the
PCT at that time, but we were told publicly at that meeting that
GP's could not be influenced as to which hospital they are assisting
their patients to choose for their treament, is that now being
manipulated by the back door?