Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have have been contacted by some concerned staff at Hinchingbrooke, maybe it's just the rumour mill but then probably not
It appears from these staff members, who are in some of what could be called theperiferal areas of the hospital, that it is very quiet.

It seems that Patient numbers going through the hospital appears to have dropped and it looks like my post from the other day is somewhere near correct and GP's are being instructed to guide their patients to other hospitals.

This was publicly denounced as an option by the SHA representative at the Overview and Scruitiny committee meeting in October, he claimed at that time that "We cannot instruct GP's as to where to guide their patients to a particular hospital for their treatment". But it seems that this is happening, or are the staff members wrong and the patient from Fenland got it wrong too?

Other staff members have told me of a rumour that is being told by a senior staff member of staff who has been implying that the hospital will not be there in the next 2 years!, this is not good for morale and this type of talk is counterproductive and should be stopped immediatly and the member of staff disiplined appropriately.